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Development League 2018


Maidenhead C0000000
Berkshire Ninjas0000000
Hayes C0000000

Playoff between league winner and 4th place premier league team to decide final Yarmouth place will follow last matches on Sunday 16th September.

Event 1 Fixtures/Results:

Sunday 17th June 2018 | Venue: Racks Snooker & Pool Bar

Start Time: 11am

HomeAwayTable No.
Maidenhead C-v-Bye-
Berkshire Ninjas-v-Amersham10 & 13
Renegade-v-Hayes C4 & 5

Round 2 Start Time: 1pm

HomeAwayTable No.
Bye-v-Hayes C-
Amersham-v-Renegade10 & 13
Maidenhead C-v-Berkshire Ninjas4 & 5

Round 3 Start Time: 3pm

HomeAwayTable No.
Berkshire Ninjas-v-Bye-
Renegade-v-Maidenhead C10 & 13
Hayes C-v-Amersham4 & 5

Event 2 Fixtures/Results:

Sunday 16th September 2018 | Venue: Racks Snooker & Pool Bar

Start Time: 12pm

HomeAwayTable No.
Maidenhead C-v-Hayes C10 & 13
Berkshire Ninjas-v-Renegade4 & 5

Round 5 Start Time: 2pm

HomeAwayTable No.
Hayes C-v-Berkshire Ninjas10 & 13
Amersham/td>-v-Maidenhead C4 & 5

Berkshire Open

Berkshire Open 2018

The 2018 Berkshire Open will be held on Sunday 15th April at Racks Snooker & Pool Bar.

The competition is open to all players.

Sponsor Event

Sponsor Event

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